Mud Pump 3NB-5NB

Mud Pump 3NB-5NB





1、Products Type :3NB/5NB Mud Pump

2、Products Features

3NB / 5NB series mud pump is triplex single acting piston pump. Mainly used for: oil, oil revenues, circulating mud, shallow slim hole drilling and the like. Easy operation and maintenance of this pump, reliable, good suction performance. Does not require perfusion in the suction line length is less than 4M, 1,000 meters above sea level, directly from the ground and 2 meters pool suction (such as mud pools, ponds, etc.), natural suction efficiency> 95%. Fully meet the needs of oilfield drilling technology. Is in deep drilling rig drilling footage improve and mitigate roughneck labor intensity device of choice.

3NB series mud pump is triplex single acting piston pump, which pumps compact structure, small occupied space, and reliable performance. 3NB series mud pump stroke is longer, which keeps at a lower stroke rate, to extend the life of the pump. Product implementation of API674 and SY5138 standards.

3、Technical Parameters:

Name Mud Pump 3NB-5NB
structure type Horizontal
specification Three-piston / piston five
Maximum power(KW) 735
Plunger travelmm 75mm、100(101)mm、125(127)mm、150mm、175mm、200(190.5)mm、250mm
The maximum discharge pressureMPa 35
Maximum flowM3/H 320
Maximum piston forceKgf 16800
transfer method Belts (standard), reducer, coupling, etc.
Auxiliary power source Motor (standard), diesel engines, gas turbines, etc.

Dowland Mud Pump 3NB-5NB

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