3SL / 5SL-based energy efficient vertical

3SL / 5SL-based energy efficient vertical

1、Products Type:3SL / 5SL-based energy efficient vertical

2、Products Features:

Ningbo Heli Pump Co., Ltd. through years of research and development have been successfully manufacturing 3SL / 5SL arranged vertical reciprocating injection pump. The pump uses a vertical arrangement horizontal reciprocating pump, pump greatly reduced footprint, especially for field activities room, use water stations, offshore platforms and special occasions.

The series reciprocating injection pump to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional vertical reciprocating pump, the application of a number of patented technology with anti-overturning moment, dump and other motor spreader, easy to adjust the belt tension, the entire pump running smoothly, low noise, small vibration characteristics. While using a plunger pump synchronous isolator technology, automatic plug in technology, Plunger ring assembly technology, double channel manifolds and other patented technologies to overcome the friction during operation of the reciprocating plunger and packing deputy friction power to reduce the flow rate of the valve gap, enhance and ensure the longevity of the plunger, packing, valve and other wearing parts.By Hefei General Machinery Products Inspection Institute, National sampling valve product quality supervision and inspection center, pump efficiency of 92% higher than the national standard GB / T9234-2008 predetermined value.

3、Technical Parameters:

Name 3SL / 5SL-based energy efficient vertical
structure type Vertical
specification Three plungers / five plungers
Maximum power(KW) 185
Plunger travelmm 30mm、40mm、50mm、75mm、 100mm、125mm、150mm
The maximum discharge pressureMPa 60
Maximum flowM3/H 280
Maximum piston forceKgf 20000
transfer method Leather belt
Auxiliary power source Electric motor

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