一、 Products Type

3 STB / 5 STB series of energy efficient variable injection pump regulator

二、 Products Features

Series of energy efficient variable regulating injection pump is a horizontal three plunger / five plungers, single acting reciprocating pumps, & nbsp; mainly used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer industry as a process pump, oil, salt as injection pumps, pipes, as the pressure vessel pressure test pumps, booster pumps, construction, shipbuilding, chemical and other industrial high-pressure cleaning cleaning, boiler feed water, hydraulic mechanical transmission source, as well as food, pharmaceutical, instruments and other needs of high-pressure fluid and the process requires high pulse field.

This series of pumps while using no moving parts variable flow control technology, by changing the hydraulic end of the plunger effective stroke single cylinder volume to achieve the purpose of changing the flow rate, the pump to achieve a multi-well oil field water injection process needs.

3STB / 5STB variable adjustment to achieve the injection pump for each cylinder pressure, flow can be adjusted within the rating function (ie pressure: 0-- rated outlet pressure, flow rate: 20% - rated flow), fully meet batch production pressure, under normal circumstances different flow ratio needed to complete the scene. Improve the pumping station centralized management, reduce the cost of ground works. The entire pump is mounted on a common skid, easy on-site installation and connection.

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