QXF series piston pump skid Room

QXF series piston pump skid Room

1、Products Type:QXF series piston pump skid Room

2、Products Features:

Ningbo Heli Co., Ltd. under oil pump to customer needs, design and production of QXF series piston pump skid room is a complete combination of skid-mounted structure, the entire unit including the piston drive motor (transmission), lubrication systems, Importers shockproof balance system, safety relief systems, junction boxes, filters, flow meters, PLC controllers, remote instrumentation, import and export control valve, reflux valve outlet, skid-mounted color plate, electric heaters, axial fans , lighting systems and the corresponding subsidiary. Pry into the overall style room, easy to transport, mainly for petroleum, chemical, fertilizer industry as a process pump, oil, salt as injection pumps, pipes, pressure vessels as the test pressure pumps, booster pumps, construction, shipbuilding, chemical and other industries high-pressure cleaning cleaning, boiler feed water, hydraulic mechanical transmission source, as well as food, pharmaceutical, instruments and other needs of high-pressure fluid and the process does not require high pulse point areas movable.

With advanced technology and modern manufacturing processes of products, with high efficiency, long life, small size, low vibration, the advantages of easy maintenance.

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