JZ series homogeneous pump

JZ series homogeneous pump

1、Products Type: JZ series homogeneous pump

JZ series homogeneous pump is based detergent plant process requirements for homogenizing the slurry of washing powder special equipment. The same can also be used in other chemical industry, light industry, such as homogenizing the slurry with particles of colloidal and use.

JZ series homogenous pump motors, couplings, pumps, cooling water pressure control devices and other components mounted on a common base, advanced design, novel structure, has a smooth operation, easy maintenance, compact structure.

Products supporting 3NJ / 6NJ high pressure slurry pumps, selling NICE, Liby, southerly of the other major brands, sold to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other countries.

2、Product main performance parameters

Type JZ-5/0.3 JZ-9/0.3 JZ-15/0.3 JZ-20/0.45
Rated flow M3/H 5 9 15 20
Inlet pressureMPa 0.02-0.03 0.02-0.03 0.02-0.03 0.02-0.03
The maximum outlet pressure MPa 0.3 0.3 0.35 0.45
Imported diameter mm 80 80 132 132
Outlet diameter mm 40 40 60 70
Electric motor Type






7.5 11 22 37

Rotating speedr/min

2900 2930 2940 2950
外形尺寸 mm 962*185*210 1100*200*260 1400*650*585 1585*650*610
Total WeightKg 200 250 550 600

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