3NJ / 6NJ series of high-pressure feed pump

3NJ / 6NJ series of high-pressure feed pump

1、 Products Type:

3NJ / 6NJ series of high-pressure feed pump

2、 Products Features

3NJ / 6NJ detergent slurry pump series is based detergent plant process requirements, specifically for the spray-drying tower slurry delivery plunger-type single-acting reciprocating pump.

This series of pumps advanced design, novel structure, has a smooth operation, easy maintenance, safe and reliable seal, long consumable life, pump volumetric efficiency.

3NJ / 6NJ series of high-pressure pump with a motor, coupling, reducer, transmission assembly, lubrication system, hydraulic cylinder assembly, regulator and other components mounted on a common base, compact, easy to transport, by Everbright users.

Selling products NICE, Liby, southerly of the other major brands, sold to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other countries.

3、Product Specifications

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